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Methodology: A key to a more efficient bicycle shop service center

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Being thorough does not always come with practice. Even seasoned bicycle mechanics make mistakes. Mistakes that can translate into customer injury, low customer satisfaction ratings, higher insurance costs, lower client traffic and ultimately reduced revenue.

Organizational theory argues that to be efficient it requires service management to make decisions, yet this same management can impede the workforces’ flexibility. It’s this very conundrum that forces service departments to make tradeoffs between efficiency and flexibility. Real world experience have proven that there are numerous obstacles to achieving this tradeoff. The end result has been a management model that empowers the average worker on the service floor to ‘get it done.’ Therefore negating the very model that service management decisions maintain efficiency. It’s a mad cycle that many bicycle shops experience.

The result is sooner or later low customer satisfaction ratings and ultimately reduced revenue.

Some have argued that the bicycle service industry can be so intense that businesses relies on their service staff to do the job properly and cannot be there to “look over the shoulders of their mechanics.” This has also proven to be an accurate real world observation. Therefore, the employee enabling management style is prevalent in the industry.

So whats the answer?

Train up your bicycle service department to be methodical.

The Central Alberta Bicycle School, CABS approach is to tackle bicycle service methodically. Some call is obsessive, but its this very approach that prevents errors, and creates consistent results.

Methodology is the systematic, theoretical analysis of the methods applied to a field of study. That field of study at CABS is bicycle mechanics. By adopting a proven system, CABS teaches bicycle mechanics a bottom up approach to bicycle troubleshooting, repairs and assembly. This ensures that those trained are consistent and are able to make decisions that prevent component failures, and thus increases overall customer satisfaction.

CABS offers a full three week bicycle mechanic program, as well as individual courses on specific component services. Offered in a small intimate local bicycle shop environment the courses are limited to a class size of no more than three(3) students. Intense reading and written questions are part of this hands-on experience with the goal to create professionals who approach their craft methodically.

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