Millet, Alberta

Student Hosting

Get Started in your new Career - Bicycle Mechanics

Student Hosting and Accommodations:

As of 2020, students attending the full CABS Certification Program have the option of staying in hosted shared accommodations. Hosted by our instructor, students "dorms" are semi-detached, which include, bedroom area, living-room, kitchenette and secure dressing room.  Computer workstations are provided to complete your nightly reading assignments on the CABS Learning Management System. This is shared with the other student in attendance and may be coed.

The CABS Bicycle Mechanic Program

A certification program consisting of three courses. Each course is five(5) days long providing 30 hours of instruction. The first course, Bicycle Assembly & Maintenance is a perquisite for the following two; Professional Bicycle Repair & Restoration and Wheel Building & Practicum. Course fees do not include the required textbooks.

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