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CABS Bicycle Mechanic Program

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The CABS Bicycle Mechanics Program if offered in three levels

The Bicycle Assembly Mechanic (BAM) course is not currently offered on its own. Passing all three levels will earn the student a CABS Certificate of Completion for the full program.


All students must purchase from the latest Barnett’s Manual DX, a downloadable hyper-text resource that will include their latest Edition release, plus a printable version of their 5th Edition. This definitive text outlines the standards to which all bicycle mechanics should be using. Manual availability is subject to the publisher, Quality Bicycle Products inventory level.


  1. Review the previous days instructions – each day the student will have a reading assignment following by a test administered online. The results will be reviewed in a group session.
  2. Hands-on demonstration and instruction on the days topic,
  3. Followed by each student physically demonstrating the learned skill on a sample bicycle.
  4. Hand-outs and Assignments


Bicycle Assembly & Maintenance (BAM)

This course will provide the student with the skills required for bicycle assembly and  conducting bicycle tune-ups. The course will provide procedures covering everything to so with bicycle assembly, adjustments, lubrication, and rebuilding, all the skills needed to maintain a new bicycle.

Bicycle Assembly & Maintenance consists of consists of five(5) class days of instruction.



  • How to size up a bicycle for potential issues
  • Tools, Techniques and Troubleshooting
  • Torque settings and Torque Wrench Selections
  • Proper pedal removal and installation
  • Crank arm removal and installation
  • Bottom bracket removal and installation & bearing replacement
  • Wheel hub servicing
  • Cassette and Freewheel removal and installation
  • How to install chains, sizing and gauge alignment
  • Tire and tube selection, installation and flat repair
  • Assessing and correcting dropout alignment
  • Wheel installation
  • Seat posts section, sizing and proper installation
  • Steering assembling, stem selection, installation, greasing and handlebar alignment for all designs.
  • Headset/head tube servicing, (bearings, greasing, adjustments)
  • Thread-less headset adjustment
  • Shift lever installation, optimal cable routing installation & stressing
  • Rear derailleur installation and proper setup and shift recovery
  • Front derailleur installation and proper shift recovery
  • Brake lever installation and alignment, cable routing and installation
  • Dual-pivot brake installation and adjustment
  • V-brake installation and adjustment
  • Disc-brake installation and adjustment
  • Seat post selection and saddle installation
  • Torque settings to specifications

Professional Bicycle Repair & Restoration

This course will provide the student to be better shop owners, supervisors and mechanics, providing them the skills needed to ensure they are delivering methodical service with high standards. The course will provide procedures covering everything to so with bicycle assembly, adjustments, lubrication, and rebuilding, all the skills needed to maintain a new bicycle.

Bicycle Assembly & Maintenance consists of consists of five(5) class days of instruction.


  • CABS-100  Bicycle Assembly & Maintenance


  • Review of BAM CABS-100 fundamentals
  • Bottom to Upper approach and complete bicycle disassembly
  • Thread gauging
  • Thread chasing the Bottom Bracket, bolts, and tapping
  • Special bike tools, selection and application
  • Wheel truing, spoke balancing
  • Axle replacement for rear cassette upgrading, and dishing
  • Bottom Bracket upgrading to cartridge types, and upgrades
  • Brake systems, upgrades and installation
  • Disc brake rotor error correction
  • Frame damage assessment and correction
  • Rim damage assessment and correction
  • New forks installation, and measurements and setup
  • Torque settings to specifications
  • Rider fitting using CAD system, and online resources.
  • Setting existing bicycles to fit rider based on CAD suggestions
  • Detailing techniques, oils, greases and cleansers
  • Cable routing, vintage to modern
  • Understanding and Upgrading Index systems, drive systems and future developments

Wheel Building & Program Practicum

This course will teach the student how to build bicycle wheels, true and balance spokes and earn the student a separate certificate of accomplishment in Wheel Truing. The balance of this course is supervised practicum whereby the student uses the skills learned from CABS-100 and CABS-200 earning them a CABS Certificate is Bicycle Mechanics. The course will provide opportunities to practice procedures regarding bicycle assembly, adjustments, lubrication, rebuilding using the skills needed to repair and maintain a new and used bicycle.

Bicycle Assembly & Maintenance consists of consists of five(5) class days of instruction.


  • CABS-200  Professional Bicycle Repair & Restoration


  • Review of PBR CABS-200 fundamentals
  • Planning, measuring, and preparation for Wheel Building
  • Spoke lacing and understand cross-patterns in cycling types
  • Tensioning, truing, spoke balancing to standards
  • Approaching a clients bicycle with a professional mechanics eye. (troubleshooting, recommendations and instilling confidence)
  • Operating a bicycle shop, inventory planning, and shop rates
  • Planning a custom bicycle build, frame selection, wheel/rim selection and part sourcing
  • Introduction to Electric Bicycle (ebike) troubleshooting
  • Final exam

CABS Professional Bicycle Mechanc Program

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