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Millet, Alberta

Prepare Yourself for a New Career in Bicycle Mechanics

We teach our students complete theory in bicycle assembly and bicycle mechanics to exacting standards. Earning them Certificate of Completion in Bicycle Assembly and Wheel Building & Truing.


Our teachers will emmerse you in the best practices and standards of bicycle mechanics preparing you for a career in Bicycle Assembly Mechanics.


Small class sizes, practical instruction with professional equipment and practical examples prepare you for real life service situations.


Paperless experience. Take all written exams online using our LMS system, track results, and review lesson plans.

Learn news skills with our three phase teaching approach

One on one professional shop setting provides an excellent learning classroom with course materials and reviews daily for better retention

We teach to exacting standards using most the comprehensive resource ever published for bicycle mechanics. Practical in-shop instruction drives the information home, and hands-on practicum provide the students needed confidence to meet their goals.

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Latest News

Keep up with our latest courses, and bicycle school news. 

Emergency Road Repair Workshop focuses on Prevention

Fixing a flat tire on the road, or correcting a broken chain are just two topics covered in a two hour Emergency Road Repair workshop offered by CABS. “Many mechanical[…]

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CABS to Introduce an Online Sales Training Program for Bicycle Shops

The Sales Process for Bicycle Shops For a retail business to be successful, a sales teams needs to be more than just a customer processor. As a result, the Central[…]

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Head Tube and Set Bearings

Methodology: A key to a more efficient bicycle shop service center

Being thorough does not always come with practice. Even seasoned bicycle mechanics make mistakes. Mistakes that can translate into customer injury, low customer satisfaction ratings, higher insurance costs, lower client[…]

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