Millet, Alberta

Learn how to Repair and Build Bicycles from the bottom up

Located near Edmonton our students learn how to repair bicycles and electric bikes, earning Certificates of Completion in Bicycle Assembly Maintenance and Wheel Building & Truing.



Our teachers will immerse you in the best practices and standards of bicycle repairs and assembly. 


Practical instruction with professional equipment and practical examples prepare you for real life bicycle repair situations.


Paperless experience. Take all written exams online using our LMS system, track results, and review lesson plans.

Take a quick glance inside our school

At the Central Alberta Bicycle School, servicing and buiding bicycles are a passion. A passion held by both student and instructors alike.  Take a look.

Earn Certificates in Professional Bicycle Mechanics


The facility is
top notch and well stocked

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Brian is an excellent instructor in every way. He is very knowledgeable, communicates well, is personable and very encouraging. He consistently supported and encouraged us every day. Whenever I had a question, no matter how complex, he was able to give an immediate and accurate answer. The facility is top notch and well stocked and made for a comfortable learning environment. In addition to being such a great instructor, he went above and beyond to help us enjoy our experience, even buying us lunch sometimes. His wife, Theresa, also contributed to the experience by providing us with delicious snacks.  When I first heard about this course, the tuition seemed a bit high, but now that I’ve completed the course, I absolutely feel like I got my money’s worth and gained even more knowledge than I ever expected. I would highly recommend this course, with Brian as the instructor, to anyone interested in learning more about bicycle assembly and maintenance!

William Blinn
Beaumont, AB.


I was challenged
to continually improve and be consistent

I really enjoyed the course, I was challenged to continually improve and be consistent in the methods taught. The instructor demonstrated a high level of knowledge and integrity in the trade. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to learn the bicycle mechanic&

Wade Melnyk
Devon, AB.


Our group bicycle build
was a wow moment

Thank you for the course that you put together that makes a dream a reality. I appreciate all the work and creativity required to make the CABS a solid bicycle repair school. Thank you for having the school in your new workshop. It was great to work in the shop. Your artistic  ability on our group bicycle build was a wow moment to see the project come together.

John Tyler
Regina, Sask.


It was a great experience all around

“I was recently a student of Brian’s and it was a great experience all around. He offered an interactive and inviting environment which included thorough and effective instruction on bicycle repair, maintenance and builds. Study material was thorough and ample time was offered for hands on experience. He was even pro-active in helping me get my new business up and running. Brian is very approachable and has the best interest of the student at heart. I would recommend anyone who is interested in bicycle mechanics to take this course!”

… Ron Lyver,
Summerland, BC.


Spoke Tension Meter Calibration


Latest News

Keep up with our latest courses, and bicycle school news. 

Brake Bedding, Disc Brakes, Bicycles

Bedding Brakes: Why it Matters and How it’s Done

Bedding brake pads on your bicycle is a critical step in optimizing the performance of the braking system. This process involves transferring a thin layer of brake pad material onto the rotor’s braking surface, which ensures smoother and more consistent braking. Not only does bedding in your brake pads improve your bike’s stopping power, but it also extends the lifespan of your brake pads and rotors. In this article, we will discuss the importance of bedding in brake pads and provide a step-by-step guide on how to do it properly.

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Spoke Tension Meter (Tensiometer) Calibration Jig.

CABS Launches Spoke Tension Meter Calibration Service

Central Alberta Bicycle School (CABS) is excited to announce the launch of a brand new service – the Bicycle Spoke Tension Meter Calibration. This service, in combination with our specially designed Spoke Tension Meter Calibration jig, is set to revolutionize the way bicycle mechanics measure and calibrate the tension of their bicycle spokes.

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Congratulations to two new CABS Graduates

The Central Alberta Bicycle School proudly recognizes the outstanding achievements of two students who have successfully completed the our program in Bicycle Assembly and Maintenance, as well as Professional Wheel Building and Truing. Bill Blinn of Beaumont, Alberta, and Wade Melnyk of Devon, Alberta, have earned their well-deserved certifications, demonstrating their dedication and expertise in the field.

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