Millet, Alberta

Prepare Yourself for a New Career in Bicycle Mechanics

We teach our students complete theory in bicycle assembly and bicycle mechanics to exacting standards. Earning them a Certificate of Completion in Bicycle Assembly and Wheel Building & Truing.


Our teachers will immerse you in the best practices and standards of bicycle mechanics preparing you for a career in Bicycle Assembly Mechanics.


Small class sizes, practical instruction with professional equipment and practical examples prepare you for real life service situations.


Paperless experience. Take all written exams online using our LMS system, track results, and review lesson plans.

Learn news skills with our three phase teaching approach

One on one professional shop setting provides an excellent learning classroom with course materials and reviews daily for better retention

We teach to exacting standards using the most comprehensive resource ever published for bicycle mechanics. Practical in-shop instruction drives the information home, and hands-on practicum provide the students with the needed confidence to meet their goals.

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Latest News

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COVID-19 and the 2021 school year for CABS

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a trying time for everyone and especially for businesses. Here at the Central Alberta Bike School, we struggled with the decision to continue into the[…]

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Inspect Bicycle for cracks in frame. Here we see a crack the the head tube.

Inspect Bicycles: The cracked head-tube

What a Bicycle Assembly Mechanic May Encounter Not all new bicycles are perfect out of the box. In fact, manufacture defects can happen. It is part of the BAM certified[…]

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The Blind Hole: Bearing Pulling Made Easy

Not all wheel hub servicing is old school. Some present you with a blind hole. Many newer more expensive bicycles are build using hub assemblies requiring pressed-in bearings. These hubs[…]

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It was a great experience all around

“I was recently a student of Brian’s and it was a great experience all around. He offered an interactive and inviting environment which included thorough and effective instruction on bicycle repair, maintenance and builds. Study material was thorough and ample time was offered for hands on experience. He was even pro-active in helping me get my new business up and running. Brian is very approachable and has the best interest of the student at heart. I would recommend anyone who is interested in bicycle mechanics to take this course!”

… Ron Lyver,
Summerland, BC.