Millet, Alberta

Training Demands Initiate Program Waiting List

Get Certified in Bicycle Assembly, Repairs and Wheel Building

CABS Program Waiting List created to support BAM program.

With the high demand for bicycle mechanic training in Alberta, Central Alberta Bicycle School (CABS) has opened a program waiting list for prospective students. “I believe high unemployment in Alberta has motivated a diverse group of people looking to reinvent themselves” stated Brian Hahn, Certified Mechanic and Instructor at CABS.

Typically CABS teach two students per class and hold three session per year. “The limited size is frustrating in many ways,” stated Hahn, “but the small class size is good for the students who are learning in that environment.”

Register to get placed on the Program Waiting List

Anybody wanting to get trained at CABS are encouraged to fill out the registration form online and select PLACE ME ON THE WAITNG LIST. “We fill classes on a first come first serve basis.”, advised Hahn. In the event a registrant cancels, CABS will offer the spot to the next prospective student on the list.

Due to the high demand we have been referring many prospective students to the Quadra Bicycle School located on Quadra Island in British Columbia. That school is run by Jerzy Dymny. Mr. Dymny’s class sizes are four students per program.

CABS offer a three week program in Bicycle Mechanics. Each graduating student receives a Bicycle Assembly and Maintenance Certificate, a Wheel Building and Truing Certificate and a letter of reference from the Instructor.


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