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A Positive Attitude is Key for Success

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For you to be successful at any worthy goal, it is important to recognize that you do not do it on your own. Simply put, you need good relationships to succeed. Developing a positive outlook is needed to create good results. A sales team, or any person along the process chain, has to create and maintain a positive attitude.

The attitude of a sales team is tantamount to the results they produce.

This brings us to the shop floor.

All too often it is heard that a customer has had an unfriendly encounter with a bicycle mechanic or someone from the service department. Its not that this poor attitude is systemic in the industry, but it happens frequently and has an adverse effect on all in the profession. Make no mistake, a bicycle mechanic is a professional and the act of being employed to assemble bicycles, repair bicycles and even sell bicycles is a worthy profession.

Workplace moral is often blamed on the shop owner or management. It can be argued that this very belief is part of a poor attitude. Yes, bad management can make an employee’s life miserable. However, this too is in your control if you have the skills to create good relationships. Friction on the shop floor requires two, and anyone with a poor attitude cannot continue on their own. They all too often move on or are removed from their position.

Nothing is worse than a customer encountering a bicycle mechanic with a bad attitude.

In the cycling business the bicycle mechanic is very much part of the sales process. Depending on the size of the bicycle shop, the sales department will get many sales leads from the service department. It is therefore extremely important to include the bicycle mechanic in any and all sales meetings, and any product and sales training offered.

Employee training is the best way of developing a positive team.

Providing training to your employees is the quickest way of communicating to them that they are valued. The costs associated to training can quickly convert to better closing rates on the sales floor. In relation to bicycle mechanics, a ‘wrench’ that has been given product orientation, or even customer relationship workshops, will be a benefit to the business. Job satisfaction has a direct relationship to the perceived value held by the employee.

Training contributes to positive team attitude in the following ways:

  • Removes task uncertainties.
  • Reinforces job security
  • Removes self doubt arising from employment insecurities.
  • Improves the quality of work on the shop floor.
  • Increases closing rates on the sales floor
  • Increases bottom line and encourages team members to be vested in the business.
  • Improves customer relations
  • Corrects poor attitudes often found on shop floors.

It can be argued that the entire responsibility for good customers relations lands in the lap of management. But as an employee you too have the responsibility to bring a level of professionalism to your craft. Don’t be reluctant to suggest training opportunities to your employer. It takes two to cause friction, but it takes cooperation to make positive changes.


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