Millet, Alberta

New Road Repair Workshop focuses on Prevention

Get Started in your new Career - Bicycle Mechanics

Fixing a flat tire on the road, or correcting a broken chain are just two topics covered in a two hour Emergency Road Repair workshop offered by CABS. “Many mechanical issues can occur when bicycle touring, “stated Brian Hahn, Instructor, “the key to any successful ride is prevention through maintenance.”

Introduced in fall of 2019, the “Emergency Road Repair” workshop will cover prevention and maintenance, then take students through quick repairs designed to get their bikes rolling again.

Emergency Road Repair with rider safety top of mind.

“The course will not cover extensive servicing,” stated Hahn. “It will teach safe and affective methods of fixing break-downs quickly to get rolling again.”

The Central Alberta Bicycle School is operated within the shop floor of Circuit Cycle & Sports in Millet, Alberta. Incorporated in 2014, Circuit Cycle is operated by a certified bicycle mechanic and member of the Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association.

CABS offers a full catalog of bicycle mechanic short courses. Also offered is a three week bicycle mechanic program for those seeking a profession in the cycling industry.

Students can apply for the Emergency Road Repair workshop by filling out a short application form online.

For more information, on Circuit Cycle & Sports you can visit their website at or the CABS website at