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CABS to Introduce Online Sales Process Training for Bicycle Shops

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The Sales Process for Bicycle Shops

For a retail business to be successful, a sales teams needs to be more than just a customer processor. As a result, the Central Alberta Bicycle School is developing the online “Sales Process for Bicycle Shops” sales training program. “The sales process course will be offered through our Learning Management System,” stated Brian Hahn, Manager of CABS. “Employers can have their new hires run through the course from their own store, before making their first customer contact.”

“It takes more than just knowing the cycling industry,” stated Hahn. “A good sales person needs to understand and practice good sales process to convert prospects into customers.”

Central Alberta Bicycle School is looking to offer one sales process course to start, with the intention of creating a citation program providing the student with the tools to be excellent sales representatives.

The sales process is designed to help the customer through the decision making process. “So often the buying process is stressful for the purchaser,” stated Hahn. “A professional sales person can make the process a pleasurable experience and quell any sticker shock and buyers remorse they may experience. “The worse result is, if a customer walks away from a retailer with buyer’s remorse”, stated Hahn. “It reflects poorly on the business and reduces return customer traffic.”

In the age of social media, businesses need to be more vigilant in providing training for their workforce. Too often if a person has a bad experience or feels they wasted time in a business they are quick to vent through social media on rant forums.

CABS is targeting February for the roll out and they are inviting those with a vested interest in the industry to contact them through a special collaborative form.

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