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Important Notice on Textbook Sourcing: QBP buys the BBI, Publisher of the Barnett’s Manual

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Barnett's Manual

CABS decides not to change recommended textbooks

Although the publisher of the Barnett’s Manual was purchased in August, CABS will not change the recommended resource for students. “The Barnett Bicycle Institute was bought by Quality Bicycle Products,” stated Instructor Brian Hahn, “however we will still recommend that text for our courses.”

BBI’s online store is temporarily closed

In September the online store where students obtained their manuals closed due to the recent change of ownership. “I contacted the sales manager for BBI, and I was assured that the books will be made available soon.” stated Hahn, “Exactly when that will has not been made clear.”

Their website informs customers “Sorry! The BBI store is currently down for maintenance. Please email with specific product requests and/or to be notified when the store is available again. Thanks!”

Since 2016, the publisher of Barnett’s Manual has had two ownership changes which until this September did not affect students acquiring the resource.

The current downloadable Barnett’s Manual DX is version13.18, and when purchased from BBI included a PDF of the 5th Edition, the last version provided in print.

The differences in versions is primarily the amount of data included. This data is predicated on new technologies and specific products offered. The resource has always been the best texts available for the cycling industry. “Our CABS program can be completed using the 5th Edition exclusively, as the techniques taught are fully supported by that version of the text.” stated Hahn. “Additional entries are primarily brand specific.”

Sourcing the Barnett’s Manual 5th Edition in print.

The 5th Edition can be found as second hand copies. It is important to understand that the 5th edition has four(4) separate books. Labelled volume 1 through 4 they are titled:

  • Analysis and Procedures for Bicycle Mechanics – Volume 1, Introduction, Frames, Forks and Bearings
  • Analysis and Procedures for Bicycle Mechanics – Volume 2, Wheels, Tires and Drivetrains
  • Analysis and Procedures for Bicycle Mechanics – Volume 3, Handlebars, Seats, Shift Systems and Brakes
  • Analysis and Procedures for Bicycle Mechanics – Volume 4, Suspension and Appendix

When sourcing these books second-hand it is important for the student to contact the seller and ensure all four volumes are being offered. Some second-hand resources can be:

If you are unable to acquire the textbook prior to class dates, please contact us to options.


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