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CABS Launches Spoke Tension Meter Calibration Service

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Spoke Tension Meter (Tensiometer) Calibration Jig.

Central Alberta Bicycle School (CABS) is excited to announce the launch of a brand new service – the Bicycle Spoke Tension Meter Calibration. This service, in combination with our specially designed Spoke Tension Meter Calibration jig, is set to revolutionize the way bicycle mechanics measure and calibrate the tension of their bicycle spokes.

A Professional Bicycle Shop and their mechanics understand the importance of ensuring that each component of the bike is finely tuned for optimal performance. The Spoke Tension Meter Calibration service provides mechanics with the ability to ensure their Spoke Tension Meters are calibrated to provide accurate readings. Many of the spoke tension meters offered today are not calibrated right out-of-the-box. Worse, is that in many cases, the meter comes with a user manual that does not include a spoke tension chart to match it’s calibration scale.

What sets CABS apart is not just the service itself, but the tool we have manufactured – the CABS STC-01 a Spoke Tension Meter Calibrator. This specialized tool is designed to serve a wide range of tensiometer models. Its precision-engineered design allows for accurate calibration, providing bicycle mechanics with the confidence that their spoke tensiometers are accurately calibrated.

The service offers two distinct options.

  1. Calibration of any spoke Tension Meter (Tensiometer) ensures that bicycle mechanics can achieve accurate and consistent readings with their existing tensiometer.
  2. Charting Spoke Tensions for 2.0mm, 1.8mm, and 13 gauge stainless steel spokes. This level of detail in the service empowers the bicycle mechanic to provide precise tension measurements with building and truing wheels.

With the introduction of this service and specialty tool, Central Alberta Bicycle School once again demonstrates its commitment to providing bicycle mechanics with the tools they need to provide a quality service to their customers.

Get ready to elevate your service centre with Spoke Tension Meter Calibration by Central Alberta Bicycle School. It’s time to take precision and performance to the next level.


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