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Congratulations to two new CABS Graduates

Get Certified in Bicycle Assembly, Repairs and Wheel Building

Central Alberta Bicycle School Commends Students for Achieving Certificates in Bicycle Assembly, Maintenance, Professional Wheel Building, and Truing

The Central Alberta Bicycle School proudly recognizes the outstanding achievements of two students who have successfully completed the our program in Bicycle Assembly and Maintenance, as well as Professional Wheel Building and Truing. Bill Blinn of Beaumont, Alberta, and Wade Melnyk of Devon, Alberta, have earned their well-deserved certifications, demonstrating their dedication and expertise in the field.

Bill and Wade have acquired comprehensive knowledge and honed their skills in the critical areas of bicycle assembly, maintenance, and advanced wheel building techniques. Their commitment to excellence and their passion for cycling have been exemplary throughout their training at the Central Alberta Bicycle School.

With the successful completion of these programs, Bill and Wade have positioned themselves as valuable members of the cycling community. The Central Alberta Bicycle School wishes to extend its warmest congratulations to both of them, acknowledging their dedication and hard work.

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The next class at the Central Alberta Bicycle School is scheduled to commence on January 8th, 2024. Interested individuals are encouraged to visit our website for registration details or contact us directly.

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